Protect Cold Storage Pipes and Lines with Superior Energies

August 29, 2012

Protect Cold Storage Pipes and Lines | Superior Energies IncMaintaining the perfect temperature outdoors and in buildings is a nearly impossible task. Weather, seasons, machinery use, and imperfect or inconsistent heat and air conditioning can lead to varying conditions. These fluctuations can lead to problems keeping cold pipes and lines at the right temperature without getting too warm or freezing. Superior Energies’ special Flexi-Wrap® insulation blankets are designed to solve this problem.


Flexi-wrap is in insulation cover filler mostly made of 12-pound density glass fiber. It is designed specifically to insulate, protect, and regulate small cold storage pipes and lines up to two inches in diameter. Typically, it is coated with silicone, which offers protection from water and moisture. For certain environments, Superior Energies’ engineers opt to use a Teflon® coating to protect against corrosion.

Protecting Cold Storage Pipes and Lines

Flexi-Wrap offers protection in many ways. It insulates pipes and lines, which means they require less energy to maintain their temperature. This lowers energy use and emissions, saving money and lessening environmental impact. It also ensures pipes and lines do not freeze, which can harm production quotas, lower efficiency, and affect product quality. Lastly, the insulation covers protect your equipment from moisture and damaging corrosive elements.

Installing Flexi-Wrap

Flexi-Wrap insulation blankets are very easy to install on your pipes and lines. They come in 10-foot rolls that you can cut down into any size and shape for your individual needs. They feature continuous Velcro® stripping for fast, simple, and effective installation. To help you feel confident and assured that your pipes and lines are truly protected for winter, Superior Energies provides extensive installation information for our insulation covers.

If your company has suffered due to frozen pipes or is spending too much to maintain cold temperatures, Flexi-Wrap® insulation blankets offer the perfect solution. Superior Energies has developed, engineered, and perfected our insulation covers to meet every insulation need. Prepare for winter and lower your energy bills by calling (877) 671-8837 to order your Flexi-Wrap today.