High-Temp Accousta-Set®

April 26, 2012

High-Temp Accousta-Set® offers multiple use of thermal conservation, decibel reduction of the noise source, and personnel protection from potentially dangerous hot applications.

Manufactured as a complete, all inclusive item, requiring only installation of the custom fitted application. The High-Temp Accousta-Set® offers a variety of tolerances to temperatures ranging from 1200F to 2300F.

High-Temp Accousta-Set® often is an outside layer to a multi-layer Insulation Blanket System.

Custom manufactured to any application, High-Temp Accousta-Set® covers can be reproduced as a standard fitted item.

High-Temp Accousta-Set® ease of installation and removal during scheduled or un-scheduled maintenance provides a luxury

Ranging from 15 to 20 decibel reduction, High-Temp Accousta-Set® is an effective solution to your noise and thermal concerns.

High-Temp Accousta-Set® Installation Photos