April 26, 2012

Passive Fire ProtectionThe Fire-Temp® Cover is an easily handled encapsulation of multi-layer compressed fire retardant materials. Our approach gives a compact, flexible, and approved solution to the fire protection of sensitive equipment.

Fire-Temp® Covers are suitable for all types of actuators, cable runs, control and junction boxes, and all other equipment effecting the safe sequenced shutdown of your facility in a fire situation. Fire-Temp® Covers can be fitted to any existing installation without interruption to the plant process, and its use can result in protection of human life, reduced downtime, and reduced insurance rates.

The Fire-Temp&reg Cover system is user-friendly. The system is tailor-made to meet customers’ varying fire protection specifications, embracing the UL 1709 and ASTM E119 fire curves, giving protection for up to one hour. Fire-Temp® affords very easy access to the equipment to which it is fitted, requiring very little tools for installation or removal, using a relatively small space around the equipment being protected.

We offer a complete service of design, manufacturing and installation, or if preferred, supervision of your personnel for installation. In a retrofit situation, the equipment is manufactured to a site survey carried out by either you or our engineers.

Fire-Temp® Fire Endurance Lab Results

The fire exposure is continued on the specimen until failure occurs, or until the specimen has withstood the test conditions for the desired fire endurance rating. Essentially, the Hydrocarbon Fire Exposure requires the furnace temperature to rise to 2000°F within the first five minutes of the test and remain at the temperature until the test is over.

Fire Temp Fire Endurance Lab Results - SEI

  • The 4″ steel conduit Fire-Temp® Cover achieved a fire endurance rating of 28 minutes under UL 1709 conditions.
  • The 4″ x 24″ cable tray protected with Fire-Temp® enclosure system achieved a fire endurance rating of 16 minutes under UL 1709 conditions.
  • The motor actuated valve protected with Fire-Temp® Cover enclosure achieved a fire endurance rating of 42 minutes under UL 1709 conditions.

Fire-Temp® Installation Photos