April 23, 2012

These fiberglass Accousta-Set® Curtain blankets are cut custom for every application. Typical Accousta-Set® Curtain widths are 4′ x your required length of application. The sides of the Accousta-Set® Curtain contain Velcro or grommets for interconnecting the accoustical blankets, and the tops are grommetted for vertical suspension, an ideal system for surrounding an industrial noise source or serving as a noise wall to protect rooms.

Accousta-Set® Curtain blankets are portable, easy to install, and removable-reusable. Accousta-Set® Curtain blankets boast an estimated 15-20dB drop in noise levels. Accousta-Set® Curtain blankets are available in different colors and custom sizes.

Made to your specifications, these Accousta-Set® Curtain blankets can be a cost effective way of handling your noise attenuation.

Accousta-Set® Installation Photos