Petro-Chemical, Oil Refining, Paper and Mills

July 31, 2012

“Temp-Set®” Covers Removable Insulation System can be constructed for any temperature or chemical environment. They can usually be installed while your plant is on line to avoid shut down time. Applications include: flanges, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, steam or gas turbines and more.

With fuel and energy costs rising daily it makes it a necessity to do everything possible to reduce heat loss on all uninsulated equipment, including valves and flanges. Permanent insulation is costly because periodic access for maintenance and inspection make it not reusable. Superior Energies, Inc. “Temp-Set®” Insulation Covers are the answer to your energy and personnel protection concerns because of our extensive research and unparalleled design.

EXAMPLE:A noninsulated 6-inch valve operating at 600°F will waste 265.5 millionBTU’s per year at a fuel cost of $1062 per year, based on a cost of $4 per million BTU’s. Waste is even greater at higher temperatures. The cost for insulating a 6-inch valve, estimated at approximately $200, will result in a payback period of less than 70 days.Please call to take advantage of the savings we can help you achieve.

Installation Photos