Industries Served

SEI has manufactured covers for a number of different industries utilizing a variety of designs, specifications, and techniques. Here are just a few of the industries SEI fabricates products for:

Passive Fire Protection

July 31, 2012

For a compact, flexible, and approved solution to fire protection of sensitive equipment, the Fire-Temp® cover is an easily handled encapsulation of multilayer compressed fire retardant materials. We offer a complete service of design, manufacturing and installation, or if preferred, supervision of your personnel for installation. In a retrofit situation, the equipment is manufactured to […]

Pipeline Transmission

July 31, 2012

Superior Energies, Inc. manufactures an assortment of products that pertain to the Pipeline Industry. We have proven to provide efficient and cost effective solutions addressing the insulation, acoustical, fire proofing, and personnel protection concerns pertaining to engine manifolds, turbos, catalytic converters, turbines, and complete exhaust systems. Our user-friendly product lines promote a reusable removable luxury […]

Military and Defense Industries

July 31, 2012

Superior Energies Inc. has the necessary arrangements in place to be a dependable ally with regards to our product responsibilities. Having a diverse product line that can be utilized in many different arenas, Superior Energies Inc. is on the cutting edge of technology to provide the best assets for our Country’s Defense. With a team […]

Insulation Contractors and Distributors

July 31, 2012

Superior Energies Inc. can provide the fabrication and installation of our products to assist Insulation Contractors and Distributors. We extend our Knowledge, Service, and Expertise in manufacturing these products to the required specification per request. Our customers can depend on making deadlines by utilizing our facilities as a fab shop while benefiting from manufacturer pricing. […]

Power Generation Industry

July 31, 2012

Removable “Temp-Set®” Insulation Cover Systems are easily installed and more energy efficient than old-fashioned permanent insulation. Maximum turbine efficiency is realized because of increased heat retention. Applications include: valves, piping, steam or gas turbines, exhaust collectors, and exhaust plenums. Standardization of the “Temp-Set®” Cover System can be customized to achieve fit of a specific equipment […]

Transportation Industry

July 31, 2012

Superior Energies Inc. is providing products for the new world of transportation to help comply with emissions requirements, provide protection from fire safety issues, and to help the efficiency of mechanical components. Our products provide the necessary insulation requirements: To reduce the sizing of catalytic converters to help scrub exhaust. To help protect electrical components in compact […]

Engine Manufacturing Industry

July 31, 2012

Superior Energies Inc. is the leading manufacturer of insulation covers for the engine market. We pride ourselves in developing a relationship to provide the necessary products to improve overall performance, create more efficiency to lower emissions, and reduce noise levels. Our products provide the necessary insulation requirements: To comply with Governing bodies such as  ABS, DNV, Coast Guard, Lloyds Register To […]

Marine, Ships, Offshore, and Shipyard Industries

July 31, 2012

“Temp-Set®” Removable Insulation Covers meet MMS (Mineral Management Services), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), and Coast Guard regulations with approval no. 164009.  Our covers have proven to reduce engine room temperature, noise levels and fire hazard significantly. Conventional insulation systems lack the flexibility to withstand the vibration associated with engine room equipment.  For this reason […]

Petro-Chemical, Oil Refining, Paper and Mills

July 31, 2012

“Temp-Set®” Covers Removable Insulation System can be constructed for any temperature or chemical environment. They can usually be installed while your plant is on line to avoid shut down time. Applications include: flanges, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, steam or gas turbines and more. With fuel and energy costs rising daily it makes it a necessity […]