The Advantages of Superior Energies’ Soundproofing Products

August 29, 2012

Industrial machinery is designed to perform a function powerfully and efficiently. But often, these machines aren’t designed with safety and comfort of company employees in mind. At Superior Energies, we created our soundproof, removable, reusable Tempset® insulation blankets to solve this problem. In addition, soundproof insulation provides many other advantages.

  • Lower Decibel Output: Some equipment must make a lot of noise to perform its function. While this noise output is unavoidable, it can cause danger, discomfort, and increased health risks for industry workers. Superior Energies’ soundproof insulation reduces noise for a better working environment.
  • Save Energy: While blocking noise output, soundproof insulation also functions to contain heat. Insulating blankets are designed to keep machinery and pipes heated, which leads to less energy consumption. Saving energy means lower production costs and higher revenue.
  • Protect Workers: High-decibel sounds can endanger workers in a number of ways. In a loud work environment, there is an increased chance for miscommunication, which can result in mistakes or injury. Additionally, loud machinery can cause permanent hearing damage. Soundproof insulation makes the work environment safer and more comfortable.
  • Custom Precision: At Superior Energies, we have been perfecting our insulation blankets since opening in 1978. Soundproof insulation is custom created for each piece of equipment. We use replicas to ensure the cover or curtain fits exactly. Our soundproof insulation covers come in one piece designed especially for your machine.
  • Easy Installation: Superior Energies offers installation options to make the process as easy and cost effective as possible. We offer our professional insulation services for any company not equipped to perform the installation. Alternatively, for companies that want to self-install, we provide a thorough installation kit so you can get the job done easily, quickly, and correctly.

If loud machinery is creating a problem in your work environment, consider the many advantages of soundproof insulation. As industry leaders, Superior Energies provides quality products you can rely on. For more information about our removable, reusable Tempset® insulation covers, call (877) 671-8837.