Superior Energies’ Insulation Covers are the ‘Saving Grace’ in Manpower Struggle

August 29, 2012

Manpower, labor shortages, illegal immigrant workers — these are all hot topics in today’s headlines news, political debates in Washington and among industry project planners. As a result, certain trades such as insulation have had to deal with the reality of all of these issues.

Since 9/11, the petrochemical/oil and gas industry has had to implement many security background checks to ensure that the workers being hired could be identified and verified. It’s no secret that this has kept some illegal immigrant workers from being processed in. So in an industry that has thrived on the immigrant worker, this has caused a vacuum for manpower levels with the insulation contractor.

Consequently, many projects have to face the reality of manpower shortages

Superior Energies Inc. (SEI) Aerial View

In order to maintain manpower levels, the industry and contractors have to pay a premium and sometimes per diems to obtain and retain workers.

These very issues — such as having the manpower needed to handle various crafts like insulation — have increased cost and prolonged projects in the energy industry.

The compounding of these issues has left the industry looking for something — a solution.

Superior Energies Inc.’s Removable Reusable “Temp-Set”® Insulation Blanket/Cover — developed for high-maintenance areas such as valves, flanges, heat exchanger channel heads, pumps, tower manways and turbines — has become a suitable substitute to conventional insulation and requires less manpower for the installation.

The Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover can create an effective insulation that doesn’t incorporate a lot of experience to install, comes complete with a weather jacketing liner over the insulation and can be installed more proficiently than conventional insulation with exterior jacketing.

A finished Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover usually takes less than one man-hour to install per item being covered. This alone makes it very attractive. To add to the product’s handling proficiency, the thermal efficiency of the “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket is far greater than conventional insulation by some 21-39 percent, depending on the density of the materials.

Superior Energies is well prepared for the fast-paced level of industry and keeps an inventory of raw materials on hand to address the varying specification requirements for its customers.

The efficiency and proficiency of utilizing a Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover translates into energy savings, in addition to a cost reduction in man-hours.

Superior Energies’ Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover can become the saving grace to manpower problems in today’s insulation industry. For more information, give us a call at (877) 671-8837.