Searching for an Inexpensive Way to Bring Down the Energy Bills in Your Factory?

August 29, 2012

Superior Energies Inc (SEI)Whether it’s at home or at work, everyone wants lower monthly bills. Companies cut corners by using lower-quality materials, simplifying designs, or eliminating jobs, but these major changes only have a minor effect on permanent savings. However, quality insulation blankets are an inexpensive change that offers huge savings on the cost of energy.

Energy-Efficiency Statistics

Energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are popular topics worldwide. There have been many campaigns and studies promoting the effectiveness of mechanical insulation in saving energy. Top-quality insulation blankets are cost-effective and save up to 500 times the energy needed to produce them, according to a study by the National Insulation Association. This massive energy saving means that the return on investment for buying insulation covers is huge. The results of a U.S. Department of Energy study show that insulation blankets pay for themselves in a year and often sooner. They eventually save companies hundreds and even thousands of dollars. These savings are valuable now, but they may prove even more valuable as energy demand and prices rises in the U.S. The demand for energy is expected to rise 57% worldwide and 31% in the U.S. in the next 25 years, according to Energy Star.

Factors that Affect Energy Savings

  • Proper Fit and Installation: Custom insulation blankets that are carefully fabricated, fitted, and installed for your equipment’s specifications are key to energy efficiency. Insulation covers that are not properly fabricated and installed reduce savings.
  • Thermal Efficiency: Various types of equipment and pipes benefit from different styles and materials of insulation blankets. Getting the proper insulation improves efficiency. Special features like temperature sensors and moisture resistance also boost savings.

At Superior Energies, our dedicated staff has been engineering, fabricating, and installing the highest quality insulation products for three and a half decades. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect insulation covers to maximize your energy savings. Call (877) 671-8837 to get started right away.