Insulation for Commercial and Industrial Applications

August 29, 2012

For people who aren’t in the insulation industry, it’s hard to imagine the vast variations in material, thickness, layering, and style for different insulation covers. At Superior Energies, we house more than 100,000 square feet of materials used to create our industry-leading insulation covers. There are hundreds of options we choose from when engineering and fabricating custom insulation for each of our clients.

Commercial Insulation

In commercial properties, insulation is most often used for pipes, ducts, fluid lines, and storage tanks. Depending on the function and temperature of the equipment, insulation can be made from various types of glass fiber and wool. Rock wool and slag wool are most commonly used to maintain core heat and conserve energy. Glass fiber materials provide water resistance, sound proofing, and heat and fire control.

Industrial Insulation

Industrial insulation should always be designed specifically for the equipment it will be covering. Varying layers, materials, and thicknesses are used depending on the company’s specific needs. These insulation materials can provide durability, weather resistance, water or moisture resistance, temperature control in hot and cold environments, and fire retardation.

Superior Energies custom engineers each insulation blanket for equipment specifications. Our popular Temp-Set Insulation Covers®, for example, use different core materials depending on machinery temperature. For temperatures up to 1,200° F, a needled glass fiber core between one and four inches is used. For equipment up to 2,300° F, we use ceramic fiber in varying thicknesses. Over this, we apply a layer of siliconized glass fiber for moisture protection. Various outer coatings and barriers such as stainless steel foil or mesh, Hypalon®, Teflon®, fiberglass cloth, and lead loaded or reinforced vinyl are then added for added protection, efficiency, and noise control. Coatings are determined on an individual basis.

If your commercial or industrial business needs to improve energy efficiency and safety, the experts at Superior Energies have a solution. Our custom engineered, fabricated, and installed insulation covers will be designed for your equipment’s exact needs. Start enjoying drastically lower energy bills and better safety standards now! Call (877) 671-8837 to get started.