How Superior Energies Can Help You Construct the Ultimate Jam Space

August 29, 2012

Accousta-Set-Quilted-Curtains | Superior Energies IncIf you’re a musician, you know how hard it is to play music without disturbing someone nearby. If you and your band practice often, neighbors, housemates, and nearby businesses may grow tired of the frequent noise disruptions. But instead of calling it quits, you can easily solve the problem with sound-proof insulation from Superior Energies.

Accousta-Set® Sound-Proof Insulation

Accousta-Set® curtains are Superior Energies’ answer to noise problems. They’re great for home or studio insulation, and they are also used to reduce noise from industrial machinery in many companies. This means you can protect your jam space at a very low cost with industrial-strength sound-proof insulation.

  • Effectiveness: Accousta-Set® insulation blankets lower noise an estimated 15 to 20 decibels. Amplified music produces sound that is typically over 100 decibels close to the speakers, but from further away, the sound is likely under 50 decibels. A 20% decrease in sound output means that sound will be barely audible or inaudible for those outside the jam space.
  • Features: Accousta-Set® sound-proof insulation curtains come in rolls that are four feet wide and can be purchased in any length. They can also be made in custom sizes if necessary. There are different color options to suit your preferences. Additionally, Acousta-Set® curtains are portable, reusable, and can be removed easily at any time.
  • Installation: Accousta-Set® sound-proof insulation rolls are lines with Velcro® or grommets so they can be easily connected. They also feature grommets on the top for simple hanging. Superior Energies will provide installation instructions to ensure interconnecting and installing your sound-proof insulation is as easy and fast as possible.

If your practice time is limited because of noise complaints, enjoy more freedom with effective sound-proof insulation from Superior Energies. We offer industrial-grade insulation blankets at an affordable price, so you can reduce your noise output without compromising your favorite activities. To order your Accousta-Set® Curtains, call (877) 671-8837.