How Industrial Insulation Works

August 29, 2012

Though insulation is important for virtually every building, it’s especially important for industrial facilities. Manufacturing plants are notorious for producing vast amounts of heat and noise that can be hazardous to employees and the surrounding environment. Considerable energy consumption also costs a tremendous amount of money, thus increasing the importance of energy efficiency. Luckily, industrial-grade insulation can help. Here’s a brief look at the basics of industrial insulation:

  • How Industrial Insulation Works | Superior Energies Inc.Controlled heat flow: Heat is naturally inclined to radiate into cold areas. As you can imagine, this makes it difficult for industries to maintain the heat they need for various industrial processes. Luckily, insulation helps control the flow of heat, allowing heated systems to remain hot and cool systems to remain cool. As insulation keeps heat under control, it reduces the amount of energy that systems need to effectively operate, thus reducing monthly utility bills.
  • Sound reduction: Most industrial facilities have a lot of heavy machinery that produces a great deal of noise. Prolonged exposure to noises above 85 decibels has been known to cause significant hearing loss for employees who don’t have the proper ear protection. Luckily, insulation is also known to drown out noise wherever it’s installed. Superior Energies’ Accousta-Set, for example, can by itself reduce noise by up to 20 decibels if installed properly.
  • Fire safety: Considering the high energy consumption of most industrial facilities, it’s not unusual for excess heat to cause fires. While most facilities have a series of fail safes in place, even they aren’t always enough to stop a fire. Luckily, industrial insulation is made of a special fire-retardant material that helps reduce damage. Also, special fire covers can help reduce the damage done to industrial equipment.

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