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Why You’ll Want to Trust Superior Energies with Your Industrial Equipment’s Fire Protection Needs

August 29, 2012

When most people see reports of building fires on the news, they don’t imagine it ever happening to their own property. However, fires can happen virtually anywhere and at any time—the best people can do is to be adequately prepared. Here are a few reasons why you should trust Superior Energies’ fire coverswith the task […]

Benefits of Superior Energies’ Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover

August 29, 2012

Superior Energies Inc. (SEI) is a company built around a commitment to continuous improvement and is determined to be the solutions provider in the insulation sector of your industry. Superior Energies’ Removable Reusable “Temp-Set”® Insulation Blanket/Cover is developed for high-maintenance areas such as valves, flanges, heat exchanger channel heads, pumps, tower manways and turbines. This […]

The Advantages of Superior Energies’ Sound-Proofing Products

August 2, 2012

Industrial machinery is designed to perform a function powerfully and efficiently. But often, these machines aren’t designed with safety and comfort of company employees in mind. At Superior Energies, we created our sound-proof, removable, reusable Tempset® insulation blankets to solve this problem. In addition, sound-proof insulation provides many other advantages. Lower Decibel Output: Some equipment […]