Benefits of Superior Energies’ Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover

August 29, 2012

"Temp-Set" Insulation Cover | Superior Energies Inc.Superior Energies Inc. (SEI) is a company built around a commitment to continuous improvement and is determined to be the solutions provider in the insulation sector of your industry.

Superior Energies’ Removable Reusable “Temp-Set”® Insulation Blanket/Cover is developed for high-maintenance areas such as valves, flanges, heat exchanger channel heads, pumps, tower manways and turbines. This type of insulation blanket has become a suitable substitute to conventional insulation and requires less manpower for the installation.

The Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover can create an effective insulation that is easy to install and comes complete with a weather jacketing liner over the insulation. This is in comparison to conventional methods of insulation with exterior jacketing.

A finished Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover usually takes about one man-hour to install per item being covered. To add to the product’s handling proficiency, the thermal efficiency of the “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket is far greater than conventional insulation by some 21-39 percent, depending on the density of the materials.

Another feature of Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blankets is the excellent acoustical absorption properties of the fiber components featuring an added barium-filled vinyl flexible sheet that created a baffling effect on the item covered and therefore addresses noise levels as well as thermal issues.

Superior Energies’ “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Covers can be constructed for any temperature or atmospheric environment, making them extremely versatile and advantageous in the industrial market. Additionally, they can be installed while the process is on line. For added confidence in the field, the Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Covers are durable and weather resistant.

The efficiency and proficiency of utilizing a Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover translates into energy savings, in addition to a cost reduction in man-hours. The Removable Reusable “Temp-Set” Insulation Blanket/Cover is the choice when providing adequate insulation to your machinery or products.

Superior Energies, Inc. is the top choice when selecting an insulation blanket or cover. Superior Energies, incorporated in 1978, is a veteran-owned manufacturer, with more than 100 years’ combined experience in the engineering, fabrication and installation of insulation blankets, fire blankets, acoustical curtains, thermal shields and the best leak and freeze protection products available.

SEI has manufactured covers for a number of different industries utilizing a variety of designs, specifications and techniques. The company has equipped facilities with 75,000 square feet of combined production area, incorporating the latest technology with superior service for all industries. To learn more about insulation products from SEI, visit www.insulationsei or call (877) 671-8837.